Tapered ISO Installations

Are you having drainage problems with your substrate sloping roof? Then tapered ISO installations can provide you with an efficient and economical solution to your problem. If this is properly installed, it can completely eliminate pooling problems on your roof; therefore extending the life span of the roof.

There are many benefits to installing roof insulation. For instance, it improves energy efficiency of buildings, it helps reduce a building’s CO2 footprint, it may prevent interior condensation, it reduces deck movement, it is highly resistant to growth of molds, it is dimensionally stable, and many more.

Montgomery Contractors is your Tapered ISO Installation roofing expert. We specialize in commercial flat roofing systems with local offices in Troy and Asheboro NC. 

When having tapered ISO insulation installed, there are a number of things commercial building owners should considered:

  1. What is the weather condition in your area?
  2. What type of roof deck do you have?
  3. What is the slope of the roof? What drainage do you make use of?
  4. What are your desired thermal requirements?
  5. What are your insurance requirements?
  6. What environmental factors should be considered?
  7. What roofing materials do you prefer?
  8. What are your manufacturer’s requirements?
  9. What are the code requirements?

If you are having problems with drainage and would like to make your commercial establishment more environment friendly, consider having a tapered ISO insulation installed. It will not only protect your building from molds and damage caused by pooling, but your building can also contribute to the effort of lessening carbon dioxide emissions.

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