Learn more about the best flat roof repair options for your residential or commerical roof.

Flat roof repair options, like many roof repairs, depend on what the roof’s composition and how extensive the roof damage is. Some flat roofs feature a granular roll coerage. Others use EPDM, which makes for a smooth surface. Still other flat roof types feature modified bitumen, which can either have a mineral surface or a smooth surface. Residential and commercial properties alike can have flat surface roofs. Regardless of the type of building you have, there are flat roof repair options to meet your needs and budget.

How to Determine When You Need Flat Roof Repair Options

This may seem like a simple no-brainer. However, the truth is sometimes with flat roofs you may not be sure if it is time for repair or not. These three signs will help you recognize when it is time for your roof to get some professional attention:

1. Your roof is old.

Some people never climb on top of their roof to see what the passage of time and weather has done to it. After all, that’s why we have roofing experts! Still, many go by the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The truth is just because the roof is not visibly leaking on the inside doesn’t mean it does not need maintenance and repair. If your roof is twenty years old or older, there’s a good chance it needs some repair. A quick check from a roofing pro can help you to know for sure.

2. Your roof has experienced weather damage.

The heat, direct sunlight, strong winds, and other natural weathering can happen over time. These natural occurrences cause bonds to wear and paint to peel. After a certain amount of time, weatherization can cause your roof to leak. You can’t stop the weather from impacting your roof. However, you can be proactive about maintenance and repair to ensure it remains in the best shape possible, regardless of the elements.

3. Your roof feels soft.

If the ceiling bounces back like a trampoline or feels spongy to the touch, it could mean that moisture has weakened the underlying wood. Even though it doesn’t look damaged, it likely is, and repairs need to take place.

Different Flat Roof Repair Options

If your flat roof is leaking, you have a few flat roof repair options in your arsenal. Of course, if the roof is new, contact the company that installed it and have them repair it.

In the case that the installation company won’t provide the repairs, or the roof is a little older, you have the option to fix it yourself. However, this is not an option we recommend. Roof repair is really something that professional roofers should handle. That’s the best way to keep yourself safe and to ensure your roof has the professional care it requires.

If the roof is older and needs significant repair, it may be in your best financial interest to consider roof replacement instead of repair. As a homeowner, it’s hard to know what to do without a professional assessment. Your best option will be to contact your local roofing contractor who specializes in flat roof repair options.

At Montgomery Contractors, Inc., we have the materials and the expertise to repair your roof correctly and safely. Don’t wait until your roof is beyond repair! Contact our friendly team of roofing experts today, and we can help you to consider your best flat roof repair options.

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