PVC flat roofs are taking the roofing world by storm. A PVC flat roof is relatively cheap, easy to install, and attractive. Many homeowners are requesting that Carolina roofing companies install it on their homes. As popular as PVC flat roofs are becoming, they have their downsides. In fact, PVC roofs have some rather serious downsides.

The Pros of a PVC Flat Roof

To understand what faults a PVC flat roof has and why, one must first understand its strong points. PVC is very good at preventing leaks. It is certainly better than competing materials such as plastic sheets. PVC is also an excellent insulator. Roofs collect quite a lot of heat from the sun, but this heat must not be passed into the house. PVC may very well be the best insulator in this regard.

The Cons of a PVC Flat Roof

Despite all of its potential, PVC does have several major flaws. Some roof materials do not allow PVC to set properly. This is especially true of very old roofs. Also, houses in rainy climates may have weak spots where water has previously pooled. While PVC will prevent this, it does add extra weight to the roof. This could be the last straw in a roof that is already weakened.

The Installation of PVC Flat Roofs

PVC is harder to install than many of the other roofing options. While it may seem easy to install a PVC flat roof, it is a difficult process. It requires a lot of knowledge to install the material properly, and improperly installed material is ineffective as a roofing material. It also requires a surprising amount of skill to install flat. PVC must be installed at a constant level over the entire span of the roof, and doing so quickly is hard. This job is best left to an experienced contractor.

The installation of PVC, as previously mentioned, is best left to the professionals. The material needs to be roughly an inch and a half thick across the whole roof. Too thick and it will not insulate properly. Too thin and it will not set on the roof without cracking.

The Expense of PVC Flat Roofs

Believe it or not, PVC is quite expensive. One might think that it should be less expensive than normal roofs, but it is actually more so. The argument can be made that it works better, but how much better? It may not work well enough to justify the extra cost. This is up to the homeowner, of course, but needs to be considered prior to taking the plunge. A little thinking may reveal PVC to not be the right option after all.

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