For a lot of homeowners, they think of rusty tin sheets when they hear the phrase “metal roof”. This is one reason why they do not consider metal roofing solutions as their first option when they are looking for roofing renovations or new construction. Until recently, metal roofs were not a renovation that homeowners seriously considered.

Metal Roofing Solutions

The truth regarding metal roofs is actually quite different than the perception many have. Although metal sheets may be considered a possibility for structures such as barns, this is not a viable option for residential and commercial buildings. Metal roofs for residential and commercial buildings are actually comprised of materials such as PVC, concrete, TPO or Standing Seam. Metal roofing solutions are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and in many cases, metal roofs are indistinguishable from roofing types that are more common such as:

● Slate
● Asphalt shingles
● Clay tiles

However, this is where the similarities between these different types of roofs end. There are many reasons why more homeowners and business owners are choosing metal roofs for their structures.

Your Roof Has Two Jobs

No matter the type of roof that is installed on your home or business, it has two jobs. The first job is to prevent moisture from entering inside the structure. Almost any type of roof can prevent water from entering the interior as long as they are installed correctly.

The second job of a roof is to help with energy conservation inside of the structure. This is an equally important job for the roof due to the increased energy costs.

The summer months are when homeowners can tell the difference between the different types of roofing materials. Conventional roofing materials are installed so they can lie flat. As a result, the summer heat goes into the underneath sheathing and goes inside of the attic. The interior temperature will rise dramatically, and the HVAC system in the structure will have to work even harder in order to keep it cool.

On the other hand, metal shingles are designed to provide a space for insulation between the underneath sheathing and the roofing material. This creates a difference not only in the amount of comfort in the home but also your utility costs.

Metal Roofing Solutions Offer Eco-Friendly Materials

Another reason why metal roofs have gained popularity is because they are not as damaging as other materials are for the environment. In fact, asphalt is a very common roofing material, but this material is also petroleum based. Once they are discarded into a landfill, they can take several decades to completely decompose.

Once you install a metal roof, you will likely never have to purchase another roof. They do not impact the environment, and if they have to be replaced, the metal can be recycled.

Metal roofing solutions offer many benefits and few downsides for property owners who want to reduce energy costs, improve aesthetics and provide an effective barrier against the elements. Do not settle for less; consider a metal roof installation for your home.

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