Low Sloping Standing Seam Commercial Metal Roofing

Low Sloping Standing Seam Commercial Metal Roofing

Discover the benefits low slope, standing seam commercial metal roofing offers your business building.

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Do you have questions about low slope, standing seam commercial metal roofing? With the many options available for commercial roofing, it’s not always easy to make a choice. Low-slope, standing seam commercial metal roofing provides a quality roof that is relatively low-maintenance and offers affordability, durability, and longevity.

Commercial flat roofing has its advantages, but there are some aspects business owners may not find ideal for their buildings. For example, materials can be subject to wear and tear, and the weather can do a number on traditional flat roofing.

Metal roofing with a low slope and standing seam avoids many of these issues since it is virtually immune to the wind, rain, and the sun. Frost is not a problem, and collected moisture will not result in rot, cracking, or mold an algae growth. However, low-slope roofing can be subject to leaks if the roof isn’t correctly installed or if there isn’t proper drainage. Professional installation and maintenance take care of potential problems and help business owners to make the most of this roof style.

Many commercial business owners will turn to rubber roofing to avoid the typical problems that lead to leaks, but eventually punctures and tears tend to result in a leaky roof regardless. The lifespan of a rubber roof can be as little as ten years. If you don’t want to replace your roof this frequently, metal commercial roofing is a better alternative.

How Low Slope Standing Seam Commercial Roofing Solves the Leak Problem

Standing seams are interlocking panels that have fasteners raised above the metal roofing. This type of seam prevents leakage that may happen with low slope metal roofing. While low slope roofing alone can be prone to pooling, creating water leaks, the addition of standing seams alleviates the problem. The combination of low slope and standing seams enables the water to run off the roof.

Is Low Slope Standing Seam Roofing Right for Your Business Building?

If you are searching for a roofing solution that is attractive, long lasting, durable, and economical, the low slope standing seam roof should be a top consideration for your commercial building. Compared to rubber or asphalt roofing, you are looking at a solution that is lower maintenance, weather-resistant, lightweight and efficient. While rubber roofing meets some of these requirements, it won’t last half as long as metal roofing will.

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