Insulating a Flat Roof Requires Ventilation Above the Insulation

There is a common misconception that flat roofs are difficult to insulate. This misconception is so strong that some people actually choose to not get flat roofs because they are worried about the roofs not being properly insulated. However, insulating a flat roof is not too difficult if you know what you’re doing. There is a set process that needs to be followed to ensure that the insulation serves its purpose. This process has been worked out over many years, and every reputable flat roofing company follows this process or a variation of it. If you are wondering how roofing companies go about insulating a flat roof with proper ventilation, read on.

This method involves leaving a ventilation space above the insulation. This is the most common way to insulate a flat roof. The space is located beneath the roof sheathing and above the ceiling of the living space. When the insulation is installed properly, there will be plenty of ventilation for a residential structure. This method may actually result in too much ventilation for commercial structures. The amount of air escaping may result in power bills that are too high. However, spaces that need to be maintained at a certain temperature for people’s comfort are well-served by installing insulation below the ventilation space.

Choosing the right insulation foam for optimal ventilation

The choice of insulation is very important for ventilation, no matter what sort of roof you have. Open cell spray foam insulation is known for allowing the best ventilation conditions. The distinction between closed cell spray foam and open cell spray foam is important to make. Closed cell spray foam does not allow enough ventilation for flat roof structures. Most professional roofers specializing in flat roofs use open cell spray foam insulation as a matter of course.

Finding the right roofer for insulating a flat roof

When getting a flat roof insulated, it is vital to go with a roofing company that really knows what they’re doing. The process can be a little tricky for people who are not experienced with this specific job. There are some roofing companies that actually specialize in flat roofs. Your best bet would be to hire one of these companies to make sure your roof is insulated properly.

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