Copings and Gutters

Copings and Gutters

Roof copings and gutters are the finishing components of roofing projects. These components are important not only to the aesthetic value of a commercial establishment but also to make sure that water will flow down the roof to avoid pooling and other damages related to it. Montgomery Contractors is your roof copings and gutters expert, specializing in commercial roofing systems. We have local offices in Troy NC and Asheboro NC. 

Copings are used to conceal the edges of unfinished portions of the roof. Materials used for this method are brick, tile, stone, slate, metal, wood, or thatch. A wedge coping slopes in a single direction, while a saddle coping slopes to both sides of a central high point.

Gutters, on the other hand, are narrow troughs or ducts that collect rain water on the roof and direct away from the building to a drain. This mechanism protects a building from pooling on the roof, which eventually leads to leaking.

It is important to keep rain gutters properly maintained by a professional roofer to make sure that none of the problems mentioned above happens. A damaged gutter may lead to a bigger damage to the roof and the establishment. Gutters come in different colors, giving building owners a wide variety to choose from so that the gutters that will be installed on the building will match it.

Properly installed and maintained copings and gutters is important to any commercial establishment. These do not only add to the beauty of the building, but protects it from damages. To make sure that these do not easily get damaged, only let a professional roofer install and maintain your building’s copings and gutters.

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