The single-ply niche in the roofing industry offers many benefits of a PVC roofing system. These advantages are considered unmatched by any competitors. Some of the most well recognized benefits include:

● Durability
● Strength
● Moisture resistant
● Wind resistant
● Fire resistant
● Chemical resistant

These types of roofs have become more popular and in demand by homeowners and business owners who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by installing an environmentally friendly system that can go over their flat roof.

Learn more about these types of roofing systems and how a PVC roofing system can help you with your roofing needs.

Durability of PVC Roofing System

There is one feature that allows PVC roofing to remain extremely durable in heat, and this feature is welded seams. These seams help to form a bond that is waterproof and permanent. In fact, this bond is stronger than the actual membrane. As a result, PVC roofing has an advantage over other types of roofing systems that rely on materials such as caulk and adhesives.

Strength of  PVC Roofing System

Another benefit of installing a roofing system made of PVC material is that these roofs are specifically designed to last a long time. They are engineered to be strong, and to have a long service life. Although the ASTM recommends that a roofing membrane has minimal breaking strength around 200 pounds for every inch, PVC roofs exceed the American Society Testing and Materials requirement by 150 pounds per inch.

PVC Roofing Systems Are Chemical Resistant

With this type of roof, commercial structures will not have to roofing damage that is the result of chemical exposure. For example, animal fats that are in grease vents can cause damage to a roof made from asphalt but not one that is made from PVC material.

Service Life of PVC Roofing System

Property owners who install a PVC roof can expect the roof to last a minimum of 20 years and is considered low maintenance. Once you install this type of roof, you will be able to save thousands of dollars during the life of the roof in repairs and maintenance.

These are some of the benefits of a PVC roofing system. A professional contractor can help you choose the roofing system that is best for your property, budget and location.

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